Who pushes you?

We all need a push sometimes to be our best. Who pushes you?

It was early morning and I ran two miles at 9:04 per mile. That’s a good minute and a half faster than my usual pace. I ran the same course, with the same gear, in the same conditions as usual. The difference? I ran with a buddy.

Running with a friend pushes me to run faster, harder, and longer. There is something about having someone at your side that makes you want to do better, for you and them. And sometimes, there is even that motivation to beat them that helps as well.

I find this is true in every area of my life. One of the reasons that Jeff and I are such good friends is that we push each other. Several times a year, I’ll get a text from Jeff that I know is going to push me. It usually says something like, “Hey, give me a call when you can, I have an idea.” Jeff’s ideas (pushes) are often challenging and always rewarding. From his pushes, I have:

  • Co-founded a nonprofit that is making a massive impact on the world.

  • Sold my company,

  • Ran barefoot across the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Created a habit of getting up earlier than any human should (though not as much these days).

  • And many more crazy things I can’t think of at the moment.

Come to think of it; maybe I need some creative ways to push Jeff!

Being pushed by someone makes me perform better, do more, and be a better version of myself than I could otherwise be on my own. I’m glad there are people in my life that push me. Who is pushing you?

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