Let's talk nonprofit email newsletters

With Twitter and Facebook getting into the newsletter game, nonprofits should too.

Happy Friday and happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the ox, and I’m feeling bullish about newsletters. Ok, bad joke there, but great content to come, so stay tuned!

Nonprofit newsletters are on the rise.

Did you know that email newsletters are on the rise? As people and organizations realize the power of subscribers, more and more are getting into this space, and you, my nonprofit friend, should too. Here’s why:

  1. Subscribers are digital supporters of your nonprofit. They support you by allowing you to publish directly to the only location they check 100 times per day, their inbox. And, because they are already a type of supporter of your nonprofit, they are significantly more likely to become financial supporters as well. Think of getting a subscriber as the first small step for becoming a donor, volunteer, or client.

  2. A regular newsletter keeps your supporters engaged. One of the beauties of a newsletter is consistency and connection. When you post on social media, about 10% of your followers see it, and only a fraction of those engage with what you posted. A typical open rate for a nonprofit email newsletter is 25.96%.

Still aren’t convinced? Would it interest you to know that Twitter just purchased an email newsletter company, and Facebook is making plans to allow users to host their own email newsletters? With that in mind, you have to wonder, if the two largest social networks think email newsletters are a big deal, shouldn’t we?

Great nonprofit marketing reading from this week

This week I’m thinking about:
Internal Email Newsletters

With most organizations being virtual, severe zoom fatigue, and a lack of connection across organizations now is the time for an internal email newsletter! I just started one at my nonprofit, and the results have been amazing! I already feel more connected to my co-workers and have a deeper understanding of what they are doing each week.

If you want to start your own internal email newsletter, check out TogetherLetters. TogetherLetters makes internal email newsletters simple, quick, and even fun.

Other great reading from the week

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