Leaders ask great questions

Some questions have quick answers, and some questions change everything. Which are you asking?

Good questions are more important than good answers. Better stated, you can’t get good answers until you ask good questions. The problem is that we rarely slow down long enough to think through and ask them.

Instead, we ask easy questions like, “what meetings do I have today?” Or “what is on my to-do list for today?” Maybe a better question would be, “should I have meetings today?” Or “what are the three things critical to my business that need to be done today?”

Easy questions keep us busy. Thoughtful questions drive us forward. Which will you ask today?

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This week I’m thinking about:
Having a default answer.

I believe we often will make better decisions when we have a pre-determined, default answer. Not only does this help us make decisions more quickly, but it also eliminates the mental energy needed to deliberate over something.

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