It's time to confess, we are doing it wrong

Email and meetings take up the most time but are often the least productive thing we do, it's time to admit it.

This is a safe space, so let’s take a breath and admit this together. Here goes. Meetings and email don’t equal work. In fact, they may be counter to it.

Let’s start with meetings, and ask a few questions:

  1. Should they really be an hour or even 30-minutes? (nope)

  2. Do we really need that many people in them, you know, the people that never speak? (nope)

  3. Should we have a meeting without a clear leader, agenda, note-taker, or supporting documents? (nope)

We’ve all been guilty of this stuff, likely within the last few workdays, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue to fall for the allure of meetings, with their false promises of moving things forward and their seduction of coffee-induced whiteboarding sessions that end without action items. Meetings can be better; all it takes are a few moments of planning.

Take 3-minutes to ask these questions about your next meeting, and you will see vast improvements for everyone.

  1. What is the goal of the meeting?

  2. How much time should reaching this goal take? Then, add in 5-minutes for chit-chat cause that is important (bonus article on this).

  3. What are you going to talk about, decide on, or do? Write a quick agenda.

  4. Who will take notes and send them out after the meeting?

Ok, on to email. We have to stop checking in constantly. Checking email is not work. Responding to it may seem urgent, but it’s not, and often, it’s not even important. And, just ignoring email because it’s too overwhelming is a bad idea. There is a better way. Here are a few things that have helped me.

  1. Only check email at pre-determined times each day. For example, block time on your calendar to check email at 10am, 1pm, and 4:30pm. Keep your email closed except during those times.

  2. Set expectations for responsiveness with your team, customers, etc., with a short blurb in your email signature. Here is what I used to use:
    FYI... I use email differently. Prioritizing human interactions, I only check email twice a day and don't have notifications enabled. I do, however, work to clear my inbox at least once each day.

Email is a black hole for most of us; if we don’t tame it, it will just suck us in time and again.

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